Collina Ventures, LLC, is a private investment firm focusing on technology companies in Central Indiana

It operates on the principal that technology companies are inherently people businesses, and it looks to serve and mentor the companies with which it partners.

The investments have taken various forms, including angel investments in companies like Aprimo (www.aprimo.com), to angel investments with board membership, such as Pan Testing, which was acquired by Talx (www.talx.com) and Angel Learning (www.angellearning.com), acquired by Blackboard (www.blackboard.com).

A number of investments are Collina Venture companies, where Collina provides majority funding to a seasoned management team. These companies would include Bluelock (www.bluelock.com) and Cantaloupe (www.cantaloupe.tv).

It looks to serve highly qualified entrepreneurs, to relish the journey and achieve their dreams.

Collina is affliated with the Halo Capital Group (www.halocapitalgroup.com).

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