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Collina Ventures, LLC, is a private investment firm focusing on technology companies in Central Indiana.

It operates on the principal that technology companies are inherently people businesses, and it looks to serve and mentor the companies with which it partners.

| Mark Hill, Managing Partner |

Currently, Hill is chairman and CEO of Lumavate, a company powering the changing delivery of mobile applications. Previously, he co-founded Baker Hill to serve more than 1,000 banks around the world before it was acquired by Experian in 2006. He also co-founded Bluelock, where he remains chairman.

| Karen Hill, Managing Partner |

Karen A. Hill is a Managing Partner of Collina Ventures. Karen founded Baker HillĀ® in 1983 after working at FNB Denver, later acquired by Wells Fargo. Her pioneering work on an Apple IIe to automate the analysis of financial statements led her to start the company in her living room on an IBM PC.